MañanaCon 2023 is a wrap!

Thanks so much to everybody who made this our most successful convention yet!

  • We had nearly 60 attendees!
  • We completely sold out of t-shirts! We’ll make more next year, promise. 
  • We had 47 hours of gaming over the course of the weekend.
  • We had games from every category we represent: Miniature wargaming, RPGs, CCGs, and board games! 
  • Our community-built game library had over 150 games! That’s 2.5 games per person. 

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Game today, worry tomorrow

MañanaCon is New Mexico’s only gaming convention for tabletop gamers of all kinds. We have everything from 10-minute, bite-sized card games to all-day marathon games and tournaments that last a whole day or more.

So come join us for four days of gaming, meeting old friends and making new ones, and generally having a great time relaxing and letting your troubles melt away.

Wondering what’s at the convention? Check out this handy video that we made to explain it all!

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