About Us

MañanaCon was founded in 2018, by Paul Schulzetenberg and Tara King.

We had a vision to build up Albuquerque’s gaming community: An inclusive, friendly event that united board gamers, role players, minis players, Magic players, and many more.

We lived previously in Los Angeles, CA and Minneapolis, MN, where we attended all kinds of gaming events and conventions. When we moved (back, in Tara’s case) to Albuquerque, we knew we wanted to bring those kinds of events to Albuquerque.


Ashley Hart

Ashley Hart got into the board game hobby when she went to a board game cafe for the first time and played Pandemic. The concept of a cooperative board game was everything she didn’t know she wanted and she was hooked. Ironically, the actual pandemic took her board game passion to the next level as she started to follow Publishers, Kickstarter campaigns and Youtube influencers. 

Ashley is smiling in front of a pine tree. She has long blonde hair and is wearing a purple blouse.

Currently, Ashley loves board game news and keeps up with it more than the actual news. 

Ashley currently lives in Albuquerque, NM and refers to herself as a “true blue New Mexican” because she has lived in the north, south and middle parts of the state. She still loves cooperative games the best, but also enjoys solo games, playing games with her kids, and whatever game her board games group agrees to.