Swag and Special Events

All the details for those things you’re curious about.


T-shirts – Gird your corporeal being in this finest woven mesh of fabric. These high-quality t-shirts have a custom design by a New Mexico artist and printed locally here in Albuquerque. As we do every year, this will be a new design. Gotta collect them all!

Custom Dice – New this year! Roll your lucky number with these MañanaCon logo dice! The d6s have the 1 side replaced with the logo of your favorite convention. Official design to be revealed soon!

Stickers – New this year! Die-cut high-quality stickers great for water bottles, laptops, dice towers, or foreheads (okay not that last one). Design will be revealed soon!

All swag is available only in limited amounts! T-shirts can be preordered individually and dice and stickers can be preordered as part of the VIP package on the registration page. Limited amounts of all will be available for sale at the convention, first come, first serve.

Flea Market

Want to sell your old games and get cash? Looking for a deal on something new-to-you? Check out the Flea Market!

MañanaCon has first-come, first serve spots for attendees to display their games at the con. Each spot will be half of a table to display their games. You can fit a lot of games in that space!

Sellers post prices for their games (either print out a sheet and keep it with the games, or put some post-its on your games). When somebody wants to buy the game, they can find the seller at the con, give them their cash, and take the game. Easy!

Caveats: these are used games and we can’t vouch for condition or completeness! Ask the seller for info. Sellers, make sure you keep an eye on your games at the convention. It’s a high-traffic area in the main room of the convention with access only to con attendees, but we won’t have anybody posted to watch the games or take payment for you. We’ll lock up the room when we leave every night.


New for 2024! Want to get rid of that game that’s collecting dust in your closet? Want to score some great deals on used games? Come to the auction Sunday afternoon! Buy an auction slip to reserve a spot in the auction to sell your game, or buy some auction credit at a discount to get even more of a deal. This is one of our favorite events at other conventions, we’re looking forward to bringing it here to New Mexico.

For sellers: Auction Slips are $1 and there’s a 6% fee on the final sale price, but you’ll only pay that 6% if your item sells. Reserves allowed with 2% fee if game doesn’t sell. Multiple games can be combined into a single auction. Auction slips available before the convention exclusively with a VIP package accompanying your ticket purchase or in person at the registration desk. Limit two slips per seller, more may be available as demand allows.